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SimulConn is a line of electronic boards, to connect your physical cockpit controls to the flight simulator.

You can connect your switches, encoders, LED’s, displays,  motors, etc. to your X-plane or Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 flight simulator. 


SimVim hardware for X-Plane 11 & 12

SimulConn supports hardware controls for X-plane 11 & 12 utilizing SimVimX RealSimControl. The SimulConn hardware supports the multiplexing design used in RealSimControl , and supports up to 800 inputs and up to more than 1000 LEDs.

flight simulator cockpit pilot


RealSimControl SimVim hardware

SimulConn supports the SimVimX for RealSimControl, for mapping hardware controls with the X-plane flight simulator, using datarefs.
SimVimX has been around since 2015 and is former known s SimVim. It is still free. SimulConn requires SimVimX and RealSimControl.


SimulConn started as a one time hobby project for a single cockpit. But as a result of many requests from the flightsim community, it is now available on this website.


DIY can be fun, really fun. And a huge part of the process of building a flight simulator cockpit, whether its with out of the box software like MSFS2020 or X-plane 11, there is still alot of hardware doing it yourself.

If you are tired of fiddling too much with cables and prints, tired of soldering and finding out how to wire IC’s and connectors, SimulConn will give you some peace of mind, and let you spend time on flying instead.


flight simulator cable mess

Build SimVim hardware the easy way

flight simulator hardware LED

SimulConn boards provides an easy way to build the signaling between your controls  (swithces, LEDs, display and motors) and the flight simulator, for example MSFS2020 flight simulator or the X-plane flight simulator.

SimulConn boards are interconnected with ribbon cables, that requires no tools to make. Just cut the cable at the desired length and squeeze on the connector.

Connect your physical control – like a switch – to the IO board, use the software to map the control, and fly.

When your cockpit grows, add extra IO boards to extend.

flight simulator cockpit pilot

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