7segment display

Easy connectable

Connect 7segment displays with MobiFlight and SimVim

Connect 7segment displays without soldering. Use a ribbon cable to connect the display directly from the back of the display to the connector in the IO 7segment board.

0.36″ Common cathode displays are supported. 

Types that fit the PCBs:

7segment display for your simulator HCSCI

7segment sizes

7segment display connectors comes in the following flavours:

  • 2-digit
  • 3-digit
  • 4-digit
  • 5-digit (2+3 digit displays combined)
  • 6-digit (3+3 digit displays combined)
  • 7-digit (4+3 digit displays combined)
  • 8-digit (4+4 digit displays combined)
7segment flight simulator HCSCI

7segment support

The 7segment displays connects directly to the IDC connectors in the IO 7segment board and is supported by both SimVim and MobiFlight:

Brightness of the 7segment displays can be adjusted in the software.

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