If you have purchased the SimulConn 7segment IO-board, you have it in one of these configurations:

  • SC-SIMVIMX-7S-R1 (raw PCB, no components. Add and solder DIP components yourself)
  • SC-SIMVIMX-7S-R2 (pre-soldered SMD components. Add and solder connecters yourself)
  • SC-SIMVIMX-7S-R2-COMPLETE (fully mounted and tested board)


7SEGMENT – rev1

Rev1 is obsolete.

7SEGMENT – rev2

This version has all the SMD components pre-soldered, and all you need is to mount the connectors of your choice.

What you need is:

  • J8 : Connects to the Extension board. It is recommended to use IDC connector, as this is the same type used on the Extension board.This connecter is labeled 1 on the image.
  • J0-J7 : Connect to the 7segment displays.
    You can connect to the displays in several ways, could be pin-headers for easy cabling, or even cables directly soldered onto the print.
    But its recommended to use IDC connectors, as it is very easy to make ribbon cables. And they will match the SC-7SDIGx 7segment PCB for easy display connection.
    These connecters are labeled 4,5,9,10,11,15,16,17 on the image.
  • R19-R26 : Set the RSET value to control the current.
    SimVim can control the brightness from the configuration (see explanation further down on this page).
    This is the recommended way to do it. To do this,  mount a fixed 10K resistor in the potentiometer’s place, in the far end holes. Then use a rotary encoder together with the BRT0_Ctrl – BRT9_Ctrl parameter in SimVim to adjust the brightness level. If you want to use a physical adjustment, mount 3296W 20K ohm trim pots (positions are labeled 2,3,6,7,8,12,13,14 on the image), and short pins 1 & 2  under the board as indicated on the trimpot image. It is highly recommended to control the brightness from SimVim and mount the fixed resistor.
J0-J7IDC cable socket 16p
J8IDC cable socket 14p
R19-R263296W 20K ohm trimpot (Not recommended)

7SEGMENT – rev3

The rev3 which is the newest edition of the 7SEGMENT board does not have a hardware adjustment of the display brightness. This is done through the SimVim software.
It also has an improved footprint and can drive more current than its predecessor.

Making SimVim control the brightness of 7segment displays

To control the 7segment board brightness from within the SimVimX software, go to the 7segment Mux in the RealSimControl Configurator, and assign a Brightness knob to the 7segment board.

Then go to the Brightness/Power section of the configurator and assign the same Brightness Control Knob Number to a potmeter or rotary encoder.