If you have purchased the SimulConn Master board, you have it in one of these configurations:

  • SC-SIMVIMX-MASTER-R1 (raw PCB, no components. Add and solder DIP components yourself)
  • SC-SIMVIMX-MASTER-R2 (pre-soldered SMD components. No Arduino! Add and solder connectors and Arduino yourself)
  • SC-SIMVIMX-MASTER-R3 (pre-soldered SMD components with embedded Arduino and all connectors


This version has pre-soldered SMD components. But no Arduino. You will have to acquire an Arduino MEGA 2560 Pro and solder it on yourself.

What you need is:

  • MEGA2560PRO : Connects the Arduino.
    Optional, solder a female socket header on the PCB for easy mount/dismount of the Arduino.
  • J1-J6 : Connects cable to Extension boards.
    Use 20-pin IDC cable sockets.
  • X1 : 12v input power connecter.
    Use a 2-pin screw terminal block connector.
  • Stepper/Matrix : Serial connection.
    This connecter holds the serial connection for stepper motor and keyboard matrix.
  • Servo : Serial connection.
    This connecter holds the serial connection for Servo motor.
  • LCD : Serial connection.
    This connecter holds the serial connection for LCD display.

It is also recommended to mount the Arduino in a female socket header, for easy replacement.

The following components are recommended/required for the Master board.

J1-J8IDC cable socket 20pRecommended
Optional2.54mm double row female socket headerRecommended
X12 Pin Screw Terminal Block Connector 5.08mmRecommended
MEGA2560PRORobotDyn Mega 2560 PRO CH340G ATmega2560-16AURequired
J9-J11JST XH 2.54mm 4Pin SocketRecommended



The rev3 of the MASTER board has an embedded Arduino and all components pre-soldered. 

For troubleshooting the MASTER boards connection with the IO boards, use the SCtest application HERE.

You can power the MASTER board with 12v in one of two ways:

  1. Screw terminal
  2.  DC power jack


To connect the serial interfaces to the MASTER board: