Extension board

Easy expandable

Cockpit expansion

The SimulConn Extension board provides you with easy cable management throughout your cockpit.

It connects your Master board with all your I/O boards, using ribbon cables.

Many possibilities

Modular approach

The Extension board is connected to the Master board through the M-connector.

With the power source selector, you choose to get power from either the Master board or the optional power input of the Extension board.

Each Extension board supports a mix of up to 7 I/O boards, of the type Input, LED, and 7-Segment.

Test points are easily accessible for troubleshooting purposes.

Dimensions: 94x59mm (3.70×2.32in).

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Design yourself

Connect your way

For the connecters we recommend IDC connectors. But you can mount the connectors of your choice or even solder cables directly to the board.

The 16 resistors are optional, use them if you need to pull up or pull down your wire signals.

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