SimulConn test software

The SCtest test is a troubleshoot application that can test whether your hardware is supported by RealSimControl and SimVimX and whether it is connected correctly.


The test software is running under Windows and requires XP or later.
Download the software, extract it to a folder and access it using the command prompt.

SimVimX connected to Arduino

First you need to upload test patterns to your Arduino. Use the command SCtest /W:
To find out what COM-port your Arduino is using, go to Windows Device Manager.
If your Arduino is using COM4, then use the command: SCtest /W:com4

Testing 7segment displays

Lets say that you have attached an 74HC4067 multiplexer on pin 6 on the Arduino, and an MAX7219 driver with a 7segment display on pin 3 of the multiplexor, use the following command to test and verify your setup:

SCtest /A:6 /B:7SEGMENT /O:3

The software will run the following test patterns:

  • Looping through all numbers on all positions
  • showing all decimal dots
  • turn down brightness and turn up brightness

Testing LEDs

If you have 64 LEDs daisy-chained with 4 LED drivers, you can test it with the following command:

SCtest /A:4 /B:LED

The software will run the following test patterns:

  • looping through all 64 LEDs, turning them on one by one
  • looping through all 64 LEDs, turning them off one by one
  • Turning on all LEDs

Testing inputs

If you have inputs multiplexed with 74HC4051 or 74HC4067, you can test them with the following command:

If a digital input:

SCtest /A:5 /B:INPUTD

If an analog input:

SCtest /A:A5 /B:INPUTA

When input is changed on hardware the value can be seen in the command line.


Configuration file


Testing your complete cockpit setup is easy when using a configuration file.

First create a text file with your configuration and put one pin configuration per line, setting the Arduino pin and the board type:

48 LED

Safe the file, as an example conf.txt.

Then run the test by loading your configuration:

SCtest /T:conf.txt


You need SCtest version 2 to use the configuration file.