X-plane hardware that supports the SimVimX plugin

Spend your time on flying, instead of fiddling with hardware.
SimulConn supports the multiplexing technology used by the RealSimControl hardware and SimVimX plugin.

Flight simulator hardware with 7segment display




  • Connect your cockpit hardware controls to SimulConn IO boards
  • Connect SimulConn IO boards with the SimulConn Master board
  • Configure RealSimControl
  • Start X-plane.
  • Fly

Were you looking for MobiFlight hardware?

Use the RealSimControl configurator to map your hardware to the X-plane controls.

SimulConn supports the signaling and multiplexing design as used in HCSCI. Get more info about configuring on the RealSimControl website.

Build your own cockpit setup

Use the type of SimulConn IO boards that fits your cockpit configuration.
Use one Master board for entire  cockpit, and connect the IO cards needed.
Use EXTENSION board where you want to control your cable management.
Choose between the IO boar types: INPUT, LED and 7SEGMENT.
12v power supply is centrally attached to drive the complete cockpit..
The SimulConn boards are configured with the RealSimControl web configurator.

X-plane hardware

HCSCI hardware for X-plane master

Master board

Connecting your X-plane computer with the rest of the hardware, inputs and outputs.

HCSCI hardware extension board

Extension board

Gives you the possibility to extend controls to different areas of your cockpit.

Input hardware control HCSCI

Input board

A board that lets you connect your inputs to the simulator, both analog and digital.

LED HCSCI hardware

LED board

Let you connect your LED to the X-plane simulator. Up to 64 LEDs can be driven per board.

7segment display HCSCI flight simulator X-plane

7segment board

Connect your 7segment displays to the X-plane simulator. Up to 8 displays per board.

7segment display for your simulator HCSCI

7segment display

Connect your 7segment displays directly to the 7segment board


X-Plane 11 is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers, and it offers the most realistic flight model available. X-Plane is not a game, but an engineering tool. SimulConn requires X-plane.

HCSCI SimVim hardware


RealSimControl is one of the most used interfaces for mapping hardware controls with the X-plane simulator. RealSimControl has been around since 2015 and is former known as SimVim. It is still free. SimulConn requires SimVimX and RealSimControl.

SimulConn flight simulator hardware


SimulConn started as a one time hobby project for a single cockpit. But as a result of many requests from the flightsim community, it is now available on this website.

flight simulator cockpit pilot

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