LED board

Easy connectable

Connect your LEDs with X-plane

The SimulConn IO LED board is acting as an interface between X-plane on your PC and the LED diodes you have in your flight simulator cockpit.
The input board is using easy access screw connectors for quick configuration.

Many possibilities

Attach LEDs directly

No resistor is needed for the LED diode itself. The LED diode can be connected directly to the board.

The brightness/current of the LEDs can be adjusted by using either trimpots or a fixed resistor.
On rev3 adjustment is centralized with one potmeter.

Each LED board supports 64 LEDs, driven by 5v.

Test points are easily accessible for troubleshooting purposes.

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LED board currently comes in two revisions:
– Rev2: Each LED needs connection to anode and cathode
– Rev3: Common anode connection and centralized brightness adjustment.

– Rev2: 103x101mm (4.05×3.98in).

Design yourself

Connect your way

The IO LED board comes with pre-soldered SMD components. But with or without connectors.

For the Extension board connection we recommend IDC connector, and for LED output connections we recommend terminal block screw connectors. But you can mount the connectors of your choice or even solder cables directly to the board.

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