MobiFlight 7SEGMENT board

Easy connectable

Connects your 7SEGMENT displays with MobiFlight and your flight simulator

The SimulConn IO 7SEGMENT board serves as a crucial link between your PC-based flight simulator and the 7segment displays within your cockpit. Facilitating seamless communication, this interface enhances the integration of your simulator components. Utilizing convenient IDC connectors, the 7segment board ensures swift and straightforward configuration, allowing for efficient setup and utilization in your flight simulator cockpit.

Many possibilities

MobiFlight 7segment specs

The MobiFlight 7segment board facilitates four 7segment display outputs, drawing power centrally from the MASTER board via the IDC ribbon cable.

Troubleshooting is made convenient with accessible test points.

To operate, the 7segment board must be paired with a MobiFlight MASTER board.

Compact in size, it measures YYxYYmm (XXxYYin), offering a space-efficient solution for display-oriented applications.

Design yourself

Connect your way

The IO 7SEGMENT board comes with pre-soldered SMD components. But with or without connectors.
You can purchase the fully mounted board or source the connectors yourself.

Available boards:
SC-MF-7SEGMENT: PCB with SMD components but no connectors
SC-MF-7SEGMENT-COMPLETE: PCB with SMD components and connectors.

The MobiFlight 7SEGMENT board connects to the 7SEGMENT displays found HERE.

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