MobiFlight CONNector board

MobiFlight CONN board

Easy connectable

Connects any device with MobiFlight and your flight simulator

The SimulConn IO CONN board acts as an interface between the flight simulator on your PC and any device you have in your flight simulator cockpit.
The CONN board is using easy access screw connectors for quick configuration.

Many possibilities

MobiFlight CONNector specs

The MobiFlight CONN board supports up to 32 LED outputs.
Test points are easily accessible for troubleshooting purposes.
The LED board requires a MobiFlight MASTER board.

Dimensions: 44mm x 41mm.

Design yourself

Connect your way

The SC-MF-CONN board comes with pre-soldered SMD components. But with or without connectors.
You can purchase the fully mounted board or source the connectors yourself.


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