MobiFlight MASTER board

Easy connectable

Connect the SimulConn system with MobiFlight and your flight simulator

The SimulConn MASTER board serves as a vital link connecting your PC’s flight simulator to the IO boards responsible for managing controls in your cockpit setup. Utilizing convenient IDC connectors, the MASTER board ensures swift and hassle-free configuration, streamlining the process of integrating and managing controls within your flight simulator cockpit. This interface enhances accessibility and ease of use, making it an efficient solution for aviation enthusiasts seeking a seamless connection between their PC-based flight simulator and the intricate control systems of their simulated cockpit.

Many possibilities

MobiFlight hardware specs

The MobiFlight MASTER board accommodates a maximum of 9 IO boards, streamlining connectivity.

It incorporates a 12V power supply directly into the MASTER board, efficiently energizing the entire hardware system, including all IO boards.

For ease of troubleshooting, accessible test points are strategically integrated.

The compact dimensions of 90mm x 85mm ensure a space-efficient and versatile solution for diverse applications.

Design yourself

Connect your way

The MASTER board comes with pre-soldered SMD components. But with or without connectors.
You can purchase the fully mounted board or source the connectors yourself.

Available boards:
SC-MF-MASTER: PCB with SMD components but no connectors
SC-MF-MASTER-COMPLETE: PCB with SMD components and connectors

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