Simulator hardware for MobiFlight

Flight simulator hardware that supports the MobiFlight plugin

Spend your time on flying, instead of fiddling with hardware.
SimulConn supports the multiplexing technology used by the MobiFlight software plugin.




  • Connect your cockpit hardware controls to SimulConn IO boards
  • Connect SimulConn IO boards with the SimulConn MobiFlight Master board
  • Configure MobiFlight
  • Start your flight simulator.
  • Fly

SimulConn supports the signaling and multiplexing design as used in MobiFlight. Get more info about configuring on the MobiFlight website.

Build your own cockpit setup with MobiFlight

Select the SimulConn IO boards that suit your cockpit setup. Several MobiFlight MASTER boards can be installed, with each MASTER board capable of accommodating up to 9 IO boards of different types.

Opt for the IO board that best fits your requirements, including INPUT, LED, 7SEGMENT, and CONN types. The MASTER board centrally houses a 12v power supply, distributing power to all connected IO boards.

Simplify with SimulConn and  MobiFlight 

Simplify cable organization in your flight simulator with SimulConn’s MobiFlight hardware setup, offering enhanced flexibility through a decentralized approach. The signaling process utilizes ribbon cables, allowing easy customization in different lengths without the need for specialized tools or soldering equipment. This streamlined solution ensures a tidy and hassle-free simulator construction experience.

MobiFlight hardware

HCSCI hardware for X-plane master

MobiFlight MASTER board

Utilize MobiFlight to seamlessly link your flight simulator computer with various hardware components, ensuring a cohesive connection between inputs and outputs for an enhanced simulation experience.

7segment display HCSCI flight simulator X-plane

MobiFlight 7segment board

Connect your physical 7-segment displays to the simulator using MobiFlight and SimulConn. Each board supports up to 4 displays, elevating your simulation experience by seamlessly integrating real-world elements for a more immersive and dynamic simulation environment.

Input hardware control HCSCI

MobiFlight INPUT board

MobiFlight-enabled board effortlessly links your analog and digital inputs to the simulator, providing seamless connectivity for a dynamic and responsive simulation experience.

HCSCI hardware extension board

MobiFlight CONNector board

Easily integrate any physical input or output control into your flight simulator using MobiFlight. Achieve seamless control synchronization for a more immersive and customized simulation experience.

LED HCSCI hardware

MobiFlight LED board

MobiFlight enables seamless connectivity between your simulator and LED devices. With support for up to 32 LEDs per board, MobiFlight offers a versatile solution for enhancing your simulation experience by integrating dynamic lighting effects.

7segment display for your simulator HCSCI

7segment display

Connect 7-segment displays directly to the MobiFlight 7-segment board with ease. Simplify your setup for efficient communication and control, ensuring seamless integration of display components for enhanced functionality.


Renowned as the pinnacle of personal computer flight simulation, X-Plane 12 stands as the ultimate in comprehensiveness and power, delivering an unmatched realistic flight model. Distinguishing itself from traditional games, X-Plane serves as a sophisticated engineering tool, attracting aviation enthusiasts and professionals. Notably, SimulConn for MobiFlight seamlessly integrates with X-Plane 12, enhancing its capabilities. This powerful combination ensures an unparalleled simulation experience, making X-Plane 12 the go-to choice for those seeking authenticity and precision in virtual aviation.


Prepar3D serves as a dynamic visual simulation platform enabling users to craft immersive training scenarios spanning aviation, maritime, and ground domains. With a focus on realism, Prepar3D facilitates engaging training experiences in lifelike environments. SimulConn for MobiFlight seamlessly integrates with Prepar3D, offering enhanced connectivity and functionality for users. This compatibility ensures a seamless and enriched simulation experience, emphasizing Prepar3D's commitment to providing a versatile and realistic training environment across diverse domains.


Asobo Studio developed Microsoft Flight Simulator, an amateur flight simulation software with roots dating back to 1982. The current version, MSFS2020, reflects ongoing advancements, with anticipation building for the upcoming 2024 release. SimulConn for MobiFlight seamlessly integrates with MSFS2020, enhancing the overall simulation experience. This innovative feature establishes a connection between the simulator and MobiFlight, showcasing the commitment to evolving technology and ensuring compatibility with contemporary aviation enthusiasts' needs. With its rich history and continual updates, Microsoft Flight Simulator remains at the forefront of realistic and immersive flight simulation experiences.

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